Full Stack Developer

Job Description:

We're looking to hire a full stack developer FULL-TIME for our online think tank / education platform about cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech. We're a leader in our field.

We use NestJS, an Express framework inspired by Angular design patterns. As such, we're looking for a strong full-stack dev with history in both Express and Angular.

Desired skills/tech:

  • You MUST know how to hit APIs

  • You MUST know how to build visual graphs

  • You MUST be comfortable working with large datasets, for example exploring open blockchain data

  • Expert on Javascript

  • Express/NodeJs

  • RESTful API

  • MySQL and/or MongoDB

  • Git/Github/Heroku


  • Must be used to agile methodologies (we work in a fast-paced environment)

  • Nest.js and/or Next is a plus

  • Angular or React is a plus

MUST-HAVE qualities:

  • you must be patient - our work involves a lot of *long* iteration

  • highly motivated

  • reliable problem solver

  • fast worker

  • risk-tolerant

  • bonus - you enjoy learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Interested? Send us a link to a short video of you answering the following questions (doesn't need to be long or fancy, post to or Youtube)

Questions for your video submission:

  1. What are your thoughts on NestJS (reviewing if you’re unfamiliar), and why would someone use it?

  2. We use Auth0 SSO between multiple web services - explain (super basic) how SSO works and your background in implementing it.

  3. Some of our pages make network requests to other services before they render the page, but this slows down the load time. How could we solve this? (Hint: it rhymes with "ashing")

  4. Expanding on the previous question, what are some front and back end performance strategies you think are important? (1-2 for each)

  5. What's your familiarity with cryptocurrency?

We're doing some innovative work and would love for a smart, motivated problem solver to join us.

Send us a message at [email protected]