Venture Associate

Job Description:

Black Swan Venture Partner (Blockchain and beyond)

What do Google and Bitcoin have in common?  

The first investors made 1000x+ returns. They’re both black swans.

How do you find these black swans early?  That’s all we think about.

The 1000x group (private think tank, globally distributed) is looking for a Black Swan Hunter.  Are you that hunter?

The Venture Partner will investigate fundamental innovations in technology and adoption trends that radically reshape the investment landscape in ways that are underappreciated.  

With the quickly changing tech landscape and explosion of noise over signal, we need an experienced hunter (founder / venture investor / researcher / analyst) who’s obsessed with tech adoption, macro trends, and the cascading effects of fundamental math / science innovations and multi-decade network effects.  The ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about tech, able to improve the signal/noise ratio of any conversation, and isn’t afraid to be a (polite) contrarian.

In your role as our Black Swan Hunter you will be responsible for finding the fundamental innovations that lead to Black Swan 1000x+ returns. You will do this by spending your days with founders, coordinating research efforts, and presenting your findings to our think tank.

Experience working with early-stage startups is a plus, ideally in a founder or operational role where you have worn all the hats and understand the operational complexities and hurdles that tech founders often face. This person would ideally have worked in venture capital or performed due diligence analysis of projects and teams in their past roles. We value clear communication with the ability to keep an open mind and see the bigger picture that is based in well-informed opinion.  The ability to turn off sensitivity to social cues and politely disagree is a big plus.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Identify and map progress on breakthrough innovations in crypto and more.

  • Build relationships with early stage teams and manage the entire deal flow pipeline from initial reach out to early funding.

  • Perform due diligence and provide in-depth analysis reports for review by think tank.

  • Create marketing materials and be the face of the 1000x community at industry events; nurture a community of founders and companies and help them network and succeed in their goals

  • Deliver weekly updates on findings

  • Produce quarterly state of tech innovation reports on all potential, in-flight, and found breakthroughs.

  • Analyze the applications of adoption in new verticals and provide reports on potential areas of targeted growth

  • Operational management duties - work with partners to manage day-to-day operations of the fund and keep communication running smoothly

Relevant Experience:

  • 2-3 years+ working in early-stage or blockchain startups or venture capital, ideally with a focus on operations or management. Experience with regulatory or legal affairs is strongly valued.

  • Strong passion and curiosity for blockchain technologies, and their applications in disrupting current paradigms.

  • Deep understanding of the blockchain ecosystem, including its connections into current systems (fiat banking and payments, regulatory affairs, supply chain, etc).

  • Technical background (including reviewing and/or editing whitepapers) is a plus

  • Ability to leverage an extensive network of connections to source new deals and support the crypto ecosystem through events and community building

  • Excellent written and verbal skills that can be used to provide in-depth analysis reports to the think tank.

  • Works well on a team but is a self-starter and can operate with little oversight

Research Associates

We want to pay you well. To prove us wrong.

Do you find yourself debating the failed token mechanics of high profile projects and how it impacts valuation, and end up convincing your counterpart? Then we want to hear your most contrarian viewpoints on crypto, econ, and life. The more contrarian, and correct, the better.

Your role is to take complex, non-consensus based viewpoints and package them in digestible content a five year old can understand. A drive for knowledge and curiosity to explore every detail of blockchain ecosystems should push you to analyze this content in a way that makes you more, not less, skeptical of the projects at hand. We are looking for someone who is an investigator to the core, who wants to scour through technical sources and anecdotal feedback to find the grains of truth update our maps of reality.

Your first task to apply for this role is to surprise us, using words a five year old can understand.  This isn’t a college paper, there is no word count, the less words the better. Use graphics or visual aids if it helps.

We are not looking for charting or technical  price analysis, but rather trends that point to fundamental changed in the technology landscape. Content that can not only be easily distributed and consumed by an average consumer, but also contains a thorough exploration of the underlying principles and concepts driving this statement and how it relates to the current blockchain ecosystem. Our goal is to optimize long-term value for investments, so taking a macro look at the interconnected players in this space is preferred over specific, short-term technical analysis. You should optimize this content to be concise, structured, and impactful.

Be ready to defend every statement you make. We will push back - hard - and expect you to do the same. You should understand the content so well that you have a wealth of extra knowledge at your disposal to reinforce your claims and make us believe you are right, and that we are wrong. Prove that we should shut up and listen to you.

Your degree won’t get you anywhere in this application, and frankly neither will your work experience. We don’t care about pedigrees or commendations. We do care if you clearly possess technical prowess and/or can use sources from other languages (especially Chinese, Japanese, or Korean), so use that to your advantage if it’s available.

Your work should speak for itself, which is why we’re asking you to send this content anonymously. Use an email that isn’t attached to your name, use a fake name, we don’t care. If we like you, we’ll ask for the rest of your info.

Send us a message at [email protected].