The 1000x Group is a private think tank focused on finding “black swans” in the world of open and distributed protocols.

Protocols are vending machines for internet services - storage, processing, data, etc.

Everyone connected to the internet is a potential supplier. The vending machine only accepts coins custom to that protocol, which are reliably scarce.

These vending machines have unusual economies of scale.

Anyone on the internet can contribute unused computer resources (storage, processing, data, etc). Protocols can attract orders of magnitude more resources than centralized companies. Because there’s a market for these resources, and markets are efficient, vending machine users always get the best price for resources.

As the vending machine becomes popular the scarce coins should go up in value.

We expect protocols like these to both bring the cost of internet services (like cloud storage) down significantly while also capturing value at a scale never before seen.

The 1000x Group is a private community where we share monthly reports, vetting, and analysis on projects we believe have potential for 1000x+ returns. We are obsessed with finding big wins - wins so big they are called Black Swans. You are now standing at the door to the greatest experiment we have ever seen at concentrating money and brain power to help you create your own treasure map.

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