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We are obsessed with finding 1000x or greater returns in cryptocurrency and open distributed protocols.
Join our network of industry leaders as we collectively understand crypto adoption and value creation, including over 100 hours of insider information from:
  • Project Founders
  • Blockchain Architects
  • Professional Researchers
  • Silicon Valley Supernodes
  • Cryptography PhDs
  • Economists
  • Developers
  • Game Theorists
  • Regulation Experts
  • Crypto Hedge Fund Managers
Think of it like having your own personal team of geniuses to sift through all the noise. Combined with over $10,000 per month of professional research, projects will be scrutinized rigorously and only a rare few will survive.
Cedric explains the beginnings of The 1000x Group


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  • Access to all new interviews, reports, and analysis
  • Get caught up with the last 6 months of insider information
  • Access to The 1000x Member Community
  • In-depth foundational materials on how to analyze protocols

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  • Access to all new interviews, reports, and analysis
  • Get caught up with the last 9 months of insider information
  • Access to The 1000x Member Community
  • In-depth foundational materials on how to analyze protocols


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  • Everything we ever publish
  • Everything we've ever published - over 16 months of content
  • Intro opportunities for accredited investors
  • Private call with the 1000x Team
What you get
1000x content and research, including the last six months you missed
You will get access to regular episodes covering deep analyses of protocols and crypto projects by Cedric and top tier founders, technical experts, and macro analysts. You will receive the same elite information that is reserved for people who spent a decade or more building a network in this space – you will learn everything we do.
Direct access to Cedric and the 1000x Member Community
We have forged an impressive global community of smart people; venture capitalists, accredited investors, retail investors, traditional professionals, business executives, startup founders, entrepreneurs, researchers, developers, tech enthusiasts, and more. You will have the ability to interact with these people 24/7 on a cutting edge communication platform. Cedric drops by when members show exceptional signal-to-noise comments and questions.
Member-only foundational materials
You will receive foundational materials that form the key principles of the 1000x Group. Among these, you will find Cedric’s exact framework for eliminating 99.999% of protocols and crypto projects. We will start with the basics (focusing on extremely high returns; understanding protocols vs. applications) and quickly move to more advanced topics (spotting super dominance; searching for network effects). We will equip you with the same base knowledge that all 1000x members share.
Meet your new network 👋
What our members say
"The knowledge I gain from this group gives me a leading edge in building a career in this space. If you can identify the next big winner in technology that is solving a hair-on-fire problem, and you are able to build upon their solutions early, not only should your investment have grown by more than 1000x, but your company will probably be a leader in your market."
"I have been a member of the 1000x Group since the beginning and have experienced personal and professional growth at a level I could not have imagined previously. Cedric and the team bring exceptional experience to the table along with their network in the heart of Silicon Valley. They have proven their effectiveness in managing the resources of the group and have refined the process to curate an impeccable signal-to-noise ratio."
"Blockchain and cryptocurrency is changing the world. If you are reading this, you may have already discovered this reality. The 1000x Group is at the cutting edge of the digital currency age. This is THE first-mover advantage group in the world for the next leap forward in technology."
"The 1000x group is by far the most (and perhaps only) rational community I've found for analyzing crypto projects. Cedric has a proven track record of finding black swan type investments and has gathered a team of makers and thinkers who provide keen insights into the opportunities and pitfalls this space offers. We look at projects like business analysts and not like lemmings following the vicissitudes of fear and greed."
"The 1000x Group gives insights in the Silicon Valley mindset through conversations with successful entrepreneurs, investors and fund managers. This content is discussed by a global community in an environment that encourages critical thinking, polite disagreement, and high signal-to-noise communication."

Membership FAQs

Can I pay with crypto?


Do you offer a trial or refunds?

Considering the informational nature of our group, we do not offer trials or refunds.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, but unfortunately, people who cancel will not be able to rejoin the group.

Can I get a discount?

We offer discounts for YC companies and scholarships to students of Startup School and other researchers who can contribute significant, advanced content to our community.

Does my membership automatically renew?

Yes, your credit card will be charged automatically every month. If you pay with crypto, you will need to send payment when it is due.