Imagine having access to a community of the world’s smartest crypto researchers, vetting interesting projects and tracking adoption to understand the revolution of open distributed protocols.

This is The 1000x Group.

While everyone else is guessing what's going on in crypto, we're building a data-driven Map of Reality that gives our members the highest signal-to-noise ratio content in the space, including:

  • “Black Swan” reports.

    • Our network consists of some of the smartest people in crypto (lead blockchain developers, hedge fund managers, renowned game theorists, world-famous economists). On a monthly basis, we ask our network which projects they are most excited about. We then put these projects through our rigorous vetting process.  

  • Exclusive research reports from geniuses in our network.

    • For example, a year ago, we released The Tether Report  (featured in the New York Times). This report accurately predicted major factors the current bear market with shocking accuracy. Wouldn’t you have wanted this information a year ago when our members received it?

  • Community funded research reports.

    • We pool capital via a membership fee, then use these funds to issue research grants to our smartest members. Our recent grants were used to fund research into potential 1000x stablecoins (one of our recommended first reads after you join).

  • Access to “closed door” meetings from the world’s top crypto hedge funds.

    • We record investor update phone calls from some of the most profitable crypto hedge funds. Our members have exclusive access to these calls. You won’t find this level of information publicly.

  • Private forum with our smartest members. 

    • If you’ve been on message boards like reddit and read discussions on twitter, you know how awful the signal-to-noise ratio can be. Our private forum has the highest signal-to-noise ratio we’ve ever seen in the crypto space. This is because our members are some of the brightest minds in the crypto space (startup founders, y-combinator alumni, hedge fund managers, lead developers/architects, etc). 

We’ve only ever revealed our thoughts on these projects privately in The 1000x Group. We aim to give our members the highest signal-to-noise ratio in the entire industry.

When everyone else is guessing what's going on in crypto, we're talking to the founders and makers to build the best map of the future. Join us - apply now.

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