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The 1000x Group

What You Get

The Monthly Genius Newsletter

We are going to go through specific ICOs/Tokens and provide deep analysis of the project. Our team will put each ICO/Token through our rigorous framework AND we will also be talking (and recording the conversations) with the smartest geniuses we know in this space and getting their valuable input. You will learn everything we do.

Hours of in-depth foundational course materials

We’ve cut out all the fluff and given you Cedric’s exact framework for eliminating 90% of all ICOs. We start with the very basics (looking for high returns only; tracking network growth) then ramp up quickly to more advanced topics (spotting super dominance; generating vs. capturing value). All of it fully recorded w/ “cheat sheets.”

Access to Cedric's Network

This will be your "unfair advantage." This network took Cedric over 7 years and $2.5 million to achieve. As part of the 1000x Group, you'll receive the exact same information advantage he now has. Not having this advantage is likely much more expensive than the cost of membership.